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The Taking on Diabetes (TOD) initiative held the initial meeting of the Albuquerque, New Mexico community partnership pilot site on November 17, 1999. The meeting was attended by TOD staff representing AAHP and the American Diabetes Association (ADA), as well as by representatives of the AAHP member plans operating in the area (Health Care Horizons, Presbyterian Health System, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico), and New Mexico Medical Review Association (NMMRA), the local Peer Review Organization.

.: The health plans developed four proposed collaborative projects

-Develop community-wide care delivery standards (a common guideline) – Through an analysis of health plans’ existing protocols and practice recommendations, common elements of care delivery (including screening, education, and treatment) will be identified and simplified into one comprehensive set of recommendations. -Agree on a shared set of performance measures – Use the above-mentioned care delivery standards to establish a common, mutually agreed upon set of performance measures that will be collected across all health plans in the community. -Design a community profiling mechanism – Working in consultation with the TOD evaluation workgroup and staff, participating plans in the community will create a performance profiling tool. The profile will serve as a basis for pooling data across plans, allowing for more thorough and consistent evaluation of practice and outcomes over time. An independent partner (such as NMMRA) will be identified to assist in developing the profile. -Develop and disseminate a toolkit for professional practice – The toolkit will contain validated tools designed to assist in the achievement of mutually agreed upon performance, treatment, and screening goals.

.: Since this first meeting, the partnership has expanded to other community organizations, including:

Albuquerque Area Indian Health Service - www.ihs.gov/FacilitiesServices/AreaOffices/Albuquerque

American Diabetes Association - www.diabetes.org

American Diabetes Association, New Mexico/El Paso Area - www.diabetes.org

American Heart/American Stroke Association—New Mexico - www.americanheart.org

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico - www.bcbsnm.com

Lovelace Clinic Foundation d.b.a. LCF Research-www.lcfresearch.org

Lovelace Health Plan • Lovelace Insurance Company - www.lovelacehealthplan.com

Molina Healthcare of New Mexico - www.molinahealthcare.com

New Mexico Academy of Family Physicians -www.familydoctornm.org

New Mexico Academy of Ophthalmology -http://www.nmao.org/page.php?p=home

New Mexico Association for Home and Hospice Care -http://www.nmahc.org/

New Mexico Chapter, American College of Physicians - www.acponline.org/about_acp/chapters/nm/

New Mexico Dental Association -www.newmexicodental.org

New Mexico Department of Health -www.health.state.nm.us

New Mexico Diabetes Advisory Council - diabetesnm.org/programs/dac.htm

New Mexico Dietetic Association -www.eatrightnm.org/

New Mexico Hispanic Medical Association - www.nmhispanicmed.org

New Mexico Hospital Association - www.nmhhsa.org

New Mexico Human Services Department, Medical Assistance Division -www.hsd.state.nm.us/mad/

New Mexico Medical Review Association - www.nmmra.org

New Mexico Medical Society - http://www.nmms.org/

New Mexico Optometric Association -www.newmexicooptometry.org

New Mexico Podiatric Medical Association -www.nmpma.com

New Mexico Primary Care Association -www.nmpca.org

New Mexico Public Health Association -http://www.nmpha.org/

New Mexico Veterans Administration Health Care System - www.albuquerque.va.gov

Presbyterian Health Care Services • Presbyterian Insurance Company -www.phs.org

UnitedHealthcare—New Mexico – www.myuhc.com

University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center –hsc.unm.edu/

Zia New Mexico Association of Diabetes Educators (ZADE) - www.diabeteseducator.org

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